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Using the AERUS Commercial Financing Program to close sales is very similar to a consumer financing program.


It Matters WHEN you talk payments
It Matters HOW you talk payments

We want to empower you to leverage financing more effectively through our easy to use tools.

100% Financing, when presented properly, closes more sales fasterand addresses the OFTEN unspoken price or “I cannot afford it objection”. 


...“How Much Is It ?”

Offer 3 months at $29 with zero down, introductory option the first-time pricing is discussed


“We can get this ordered today with no money down and only $29/month for the first three months…Should we see if we can get you approved right now?” 

With this amazing technology you can close with the first 3 months at $29! Your client can pay the balance in 24, 36 or 48 months.  Example- $5,000 purchase = 36 payments of $175.

The AERUS Commercial Finance Program

is simple and fast


Click link

  • 100% Financing with No Money Down

  • Deferred Payments = An Easier Close

  • Secure, Online App-Only up to $250,000 

  • Decisions in a couple of hours 

  • 100% Pre-Funding to your business.


We are here to help:



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