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COVID Restart Begins Now!

It’s a new world so let’s make it a better one.

Many banks, finance companies and lenders have changed their underwriting criteria and some have exited the market.  Has your lender made changes?  Will it?

Our lenders will help you reignite your business with unique and powerful programs to GROW SALES NOW!

We have the highest approval rates to help you book every sale possible.


Fund my Contract provides consumer financing for Services, Coaching, Retail, Home Improvement, Elective Medical, Direct Sales and many other types of businesses. Contact us for immediate enrollment.

Our Unique & Powerful Platform,

has assisted hundreds of companies increase their sales ever since our beginnings in 2012.

We connect companies like yours with a custom waterfall of lenders perfect for your business model.

Get Started NOW!  

Call 800-369-2761

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We Offer:

  • No Hassles

  • Highest Approvals

  • Funding in 24 Hours

  • Easy Process

  • Lowest Rates for You and Your Customers

With Fund My Contract you will experience sales growth and cash flow increase by utilizing:

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We will help to reignite your sales network and rebuild your financing programs to increase sales, revenue and customer reach.



Contact us and let us help you thrive again

YES, I want HASSLE-FREE financing for my customers.

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