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How to use the credit application

Step One

Click on your unique weblink/url to start the application (bookmark it).  You received this in the welcome email from Ascentium.

Step Two

Enter the amount financed, example $10,000, and click ‘Calculate’ 

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Step Three

Select a Term and send the quote to your customer or complete the credit application immediately by clicking the orange Apply Now button (preferred)

Step Four

Franchisee will receive an email with the application status, example Approved.

Step Five

Franchisee sends invoice via email to Ascentium and they will create an e-document to customer 

Step Six

Franchisee sends Aerus Sales Agreement via email to Ascentium

  • Write ‘Bill to and Ship to’ near “Buyers Name” on your Sales Agreement.

  • In Product Section write the name of the product/description on one line and below it include model, serial # and price.

Step Seven

Ascentium sends e-Docs to your client for signature

Step Eight

Client signs and Franchisee funded 100% of invoice.

astep 3.png
IMG_8022 (002).jpg

Underwriting guidelines:

Basic Program- PG required

  • Ownership of 50%+ must be on the application

  • 650+ FICO scores and 2 years in business

Corporate Only Program- no PG required

  • 5+ years in business

  • 15+ employees

  • Good business credit


We are here to help:

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Call Center Employee
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